Making contact: Gesture and Voice – Michael Chekhov Acting Technique


Making contact: Gesture and Voice – Michael Chekhov Acting Technique

Body – Imagination – Images – Gesture – Voice
“The technique of using our voice according to this method is of such kind that we can send the voice either in high or low tones over a distance which seems sometimes impossible.” M. Chekhov

Our lives make a difference when we connect, when we make contact. We can make contact with ourselves, to somebody (one person or a group of people) or to something (space, objects, subjects) or to our body and our voice. There is no artistic work without contact. In fact, there is no life without it. When we start to relearn and develop contact, we make the difference to our profession and to our life. In order to make our work on stage authentic and alive, we need to get into contact with our body and voice and both our inner images and our emotions within seconds.

The Michael Chekhov Technique connects our sub-consciousness and imagination to the physical reality by creating the world of sensations and emotions. Imagination is a matter of fact. Every human being has it. And every artist has their own way of using it. For an actor 80% of their work is concrete imagination. Images are the core of creativity. They are the fuel of ideas and emotions.
How do we create images? How do they feed the emotional life of the character? And how can we embody images, make them physical, so that we can share them with the audience along with the gesture and voice?! These questions are the ones we will try to answer in the working space.

Suzana Nikolić

Suzana Nikolic is an actress and a full time professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb (ADA, UZ) and a Founder and Artistic Director of Performing Arts Etra and StudioChekhov

Croatia (SCC). Ms Nikolic’s organizational and producing credits include over a dozen international

workshops, most concerning voice and speech work and Michael Chekhov Acting Technique.

She produced the M. I. Fornes play MUD, staged at ZeKaEm, Zagreb in 2004. Ms Nikolić played the main female character in the play. Ms Nikolic has worked and taught professionally with the Michael Chekhov Technique for 20 years and received the MICHA teaching certificate of completion in 2004.

In 2004 she also edited the Croatian translation of Michael Chekhov’s “To the Actor – On the

Technique of Acting”. For ADA, she was a Vice Dean for International Affairs from 2004 – 2006, Head of Voice and Speech Department from 2006 – 2010, and Head of Acting Department from 2016 –

  1. She graduated from ADA, UZ in 1988, and was a Fulbright scholar at NYU – Tisch School of

the Arts, Graduate Acting Program (1998/99). Ms Nikolic is an active member of ZeKaEm actor’s ensemble since 2001 where she played numerous parts. Her recently most acclaimed character is in Črna mati zemla, a performance by Dora Ruždjak. She is an award winning actress with credits in theatre performances, feature films, television films & serials, as well as radio, and has over 20 years of additional acting and voice training abroad.

Elsa Valentim is a Portuguese actress and theatre director. She is the founder and artistic director of Act-School, a private acting school in Lisbon. Co-Founder and director of Teatro dos Aloés, a theatre company created in 2001 by a group of actors. In Act-School, Elsa developed her own teaching method, based on the Michael Chekhov technique and others. She has been an acting teacher over the last 20 years. In Teatro dos Aloés, she developed her work as an actress, as well as a director. Over the last 25 years, Elsa has participated in more than 50 plays, either by Portuguese

authors or by well-known names of world dramaturgy, such as Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov and Brian Friel. She has worked with Portuguese directors as well as with French directors, such as Bernard Sobel and Mario Gonzalez.



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