Theatre Photography and Reportage – The moment of decision.


Theatre Photography and Reportage – The moment of decision.

The workshop will be in the form of dialogue (not a lecture) between the artists – dialogue about photography in the past and nowadays. I believe that photography has nothing to do with theory, so most of the time we will focuse for the practical work. I will share my experience and techniques that I use during the work as a theatre and reportage photographer. We will speak about photography in theater, and reportage from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Carolyn Drake and others. We will share our work and we will focuse on the topic of The Decisive Moment. All the participants will develop during 6 days of workshop a personal reportage that will be pressented in the last evening. Also all the participians with my support will have oportunity to shoot theater process of Alexandra Kazazou workshop that will run in the same time at Medrese.

Karol Jarek

Karol Jarek graduated in Philosophy from Wrocław University (Poland). As a photographer he has cooperated with the Grotowski Institute, Teatr ZAR, Roger Bernat/FFF, Studio Matejka, Song of the Goat Theatre, Jubilo Project, Moon Fool, Teatr Andra, Horos Theatre Company, Elephas Tiliensis and others. His works has been shown in Neue Neue Galerie (documenta14, Kassel), the Wrocław Contemporary Museum, in the ArtBrut Gallery, the Grotowski Institute and in the Song of the Goat Theatre. Currently he is a photographer at the National Theatre in Athens. Karol also works in theater as a lighting designer. He designed lights for the performances: Charmolypi (Wrocław, Poland, premiere in 2013) which has toured in Poland, USA, UK, Greece, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus; Linatendu (Wrocław, Poland, premiere in 2014) and KassandER (Wrocław, Poland, premiere in 2015). In 2014 he also worked with two work in progress projects: Borders (Istanbul, Turkey) with Theatre Under The Tree, and Storm (London, UK) with Moon Fool. From 2016 he design lights for: Insenso, Loula, Orlando in Athens and Troas in Turkey. In 2016, with Alexandra Kazazou, Kerem Karaboğa, Salih Usta and Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu, he created Teatr Andra in Istanbul.


Amateur and professional photographers

Thank you for your interest in the workshops at the Tiyatro Medresesi. We will be glad to work with you together. We hope that you will be part of the peaceful atmosphere during your stay in the Medrese and live in harmony with other guest participants.

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