Chorus and Mask: The Principles of the Poetic Space


Chorus and Mask: The Principles of the Poetic Space

Topics of the workshop
# The awareness of the body in the space
# The body in action: movement analysis and technique
# The mask in play (neutral, larval and expressive)
# The collective mask,
# The chorus as a single body
# The common breath
# The choral movement
# The bodies creating dynamic architecture in the space
# The chorus body becomes lines, planes, volumes, feelings, qualities, stories

Matteo Destro

Matteo Destro has a wide artistic experience as a theatre pedagogist, director, author and mask creator. He has a MA in Pedagogy at the University of Padova and graduated from the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. He works for several theatre companies, theatre schools and universities all over the world. His shows have been awarded in International Festivals. For several years he taught Movement Analysis and Technique, Improvisation, and Mask Creation at the Helikos International School of Theatre Creation, in Florence, Italy. The school was directed by Giovanni Fusetti. His work at Helikos included running the MaMaS (Material-Mask-Space) program, a laboratory of research into the design and creation of masks and the architecture of dramatic space. Nowadays, he lives in Tuscany, where he has his mask studio. He main work is theatre pedagogy and the creation of performances and masks. Often those practices are part of the same creative process. In 2016 he founded ATELIER Mask Movement Theatre in Tuscany-Italy. A international physical theatre school/laboratory for research and theater creation. The next intensive 3-month course will be held from March 27 to June 10, 2017


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