Butoh Medea

September 3, 2017 – 19:00

Adapting this production from Euripides’ Medea and Greek Tragedy, and using the Japanese dance form Butoh, Yokko brings the spirit of Medea to life. This fusion of Eastern dance and Western drama invites the audience inside Medea’s dark and desperate struggle. Trapped in the underworld, she is forever cursed to relive her tragic journey through love, hate, and ultimate loss.

Ren Gyo Soh produces Japanese artist Yokko’s work with her collaborators across the world to be a cultural bridge through performing arts. Her style is a hybrid of Eastern and Western theatre primarily using Butoh, acting and other physical theatre elements. This play received four awards at the United Solo 2014: “The Best One-Woman Show,” “The Best Lighting Design,” “The Best Costume Design,” “The Best Choreography;” and “The Best Physical Theatre Show” at the United Solo 2015; and nominated for “Asian Arts Award” at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015.


Butoh Medea
Ren Gyo Soh, Japan & the United States of America

Performed, Adapted and Choreographed by: Yokko
Written & Adapted by: Sean Michael Welch
Directed by: Brian Rhinehart
Co-Choreographed by: Jordan Rosin
Costume designed by: Deepshikha Chatterjee
Lighting designed by: Derek Van Heel
Assistant Directed by: Cihangir Duman
Speech Coached by: Alyssa Ciccarello
Photograph: John Paul Melendez

English with Turkish surtitles
55 min.

Oğuz Atay Hall

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