August 25, 2016 – 21:00

It is the story of an opera singer, Nora Sedler, who survived the Holocaust by singing for the Gestapo and then moved to New York. Komar won Jury’s Special Award at Thespis International Monodrama Festival in Germany in 2014 and Best Actress at the United Solo Theater Festival in New York in 2011.


Text: Magdalena Gauer
Performer: Wioleta Komar
Director: Stanisław Miedziewski
Costume Designer: Magdalena Franczak
Photograph: Olga Cieslar

Lasts 50 min.
Polish with Turkish surtitles


Diva-Supporters-In Event

With the supports of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Istanbul, Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw, Słupskie Towarzystwo Kultury Teatralnej and Teatr Rondo

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