Artist in Residence

Meet, Work and Create at The Medrese!

Besides hosting festivals, theatre camps, courses and the Research Team, Tiyatro Medresesi intends to serve individual artists, researchers and groups who wish to conduct their own work in Medrese. With its library, rehearsal rooms and the inner courtyard with a view of olive trees, Medrese is available for everyone who wishes to run away from their routines and concentrate on their studies. Medrese is especially designed to fill the gap in the field of artist-in-residence for performing artists.

In Turkey government do not support the residence centers yet. Thus, artists are expected to pay for their fees but we believe that our prices are reasonable. In order to reserve your place at Medrese in advance, just fill in the application form below. Once your application is approved then we’ll contact you about the budget and the other details.

Please feel free to ask anything if you want to learn more from

We hope to meet you at Medrese!