A New Festival: MedFest’19

We are so happy and pleased that we did organise for the fourth time the International Monodrama Festival, MonoFest, which allowed us to share the beauty and opportunities of Tiyatro Medresesi with the actors all around the world and the audience from Turkey.

It was not only the precious pieces, which made the festival days that were full of performances, workshops and Q&A sessions, unforgettable for us. The true meetings between the actors and the audience that occurred during the meals or at the courtyard, which was peculiar to Medrese, were as valuable as the pieces we watched. We believe that such meetings and encounters serve the aim of the establishment of Medrese in terms of supporting artistic productions.

Therefore, we desire enlarged the scope of the festival that we will organise for the fifth time in 2019.

First of all, we did not restrict the festival that will be held on 13-16 September 2019 and named MedFest but not MonoFest anymore, only with monodrama pieces.

Besides we added a new section to MedFest. The unfinished pieces that are still being rehearsed will compose one of the most significant and vibrant part of the festival. Moreover, the pieces that are just an idea will also be worked on by the actors in the wonderful setting of Medrese. Those “work in progress” pieces will also be performed at the festival.

We believe that MedFest, which will also include “work in progress” pieces that are rehearsed at the inspiring rehearsal halls of Medrese with the collaboration of other Medrese resident artists, will turn into a unique theatrical experience.

We are so excited to share the festival program soon!

Hope to see you at Medrese!