Wokshop Applications

Application to Orgazie Workshops and Camps
You can apply for the workshops and camps you want to organize in the Theater Madrasa. After downloading the “Workshop and Trainer Application Form” below, you can fill it out and send it to workshop@tiyatromedresi.org
We will get back to you shortly.


MonoFest V

We are more than happy to announce that the fifth edition of the Monofest, International Mono Drama Festival, the four editions of which were realised in 2015-18, will be held in Tiyatro Medresesi on 25-28 August 2022.

It is a great pleasure for us to reorganise the 5th MonoFest, which turned out to be one of the important monodrama festivals in the world in a short period of four years.

We invite the artists and and the audience from all around the world to a unique theatrical experience. During the festival, the artists and the audience will stay in the wonderful campus of Tiyatro Medresesi and share this valuable time together.

Tiyatro Medresesi

The applications can be made until the 31st of December 2021 to info@tiyatromedresesi.org including the following information:
1. a link to the full video of the performance,
2. a synopsis of the performance (no more than 100 words)
3. information about the performer and the theatre company
4. press articles if any
5. technical rider.
PS: Please note that we can cover only the accommodation and spare 1 room for each group. Rooms can accomodate up to 3 people. Please let us know if you will need extra beds or rooms. Any documents that can be useful in funding travel expenses and honorarium will be available on request.

A New Festival: MedreseFest’19


We are so happy and pleased that we did organise for the fourth time the International Monodrama Festival, MonoFest, which allowed us to share the beauty and opportunities of Tiyatro Medresesi with the actors all around the world and the audience from Turkey.

It was not only the precious pieces, which made the festival days that were full of performances, workshops and Q&A sessions, unforgettable for us. The true meetings between the actors and the audience that occurred during the meals or at the courtyard, which was peculiar to Medrese, were as valuable as the pieces we watched. We believe that such meetings and encounters serve the aim of the establishment of Medrese in terms of supporting artistic productions.

We desire to enlarge the scope of the festival that we plan to organise for the fifth time in 2019.

First of all, we plan not to restrict the festival that will be held on 12-15 September 2019 and named MedreseFest but not MonoFest anymore, only with monodrama pieces. You can apply to MedreseFest to perform any piece you have.

Besides we intend to add a new section to MedreseFest. You can apply to the festival to perform your unfinished pieces that are still being rehearsed (work in progress).

Moreover, you can also apply to MedreseFest to work in the wonderful setting of Medrese on your pieces that are just an idea and to perform them as “work in progress” at the festival. We believe that MedreseFest, which will also include “work in progress” pieces that you can produce by working on in the rehearsal halls of Medrese and by sharing them with other resident artists at Medrese, will turn into a unique theatrical experience.

You can send a detailed information and visual material, if any, concerning to your “work in progress” pieces that you intend to work on at Medrese on 1-10 September 2019, or a full video link of your finished pieces together with a synopsis including information about the performance, performer, and the company to the following address until 31 December 2018: festival@tiyatromedresesi.org.

We would like to remind you that we can provide the artists and companies that will participate at MedreseFest the opportunity to stay and dine free at Medrese during the festival whereas we cannot afford their honorarium and travel expenses. On the other hand, we would be happy to cooperate with the artists who will apply to national or international institutions for financial support.

We look forward to your applications!

Hope to see you at Medrese!


August 30 – September 4, 2017

Tiyatro Medresesi
III. International Monodrama Festival

World-renowned monodramas meet at Tiyatro Medresesi!

We are so happy to organise the third edition of MonoFest, by which we present our own pieces to our colleagues and the audience and host significant monodrama performances at Medrese!

MonoFest’17 promises an intensive experience of theatre with 14 performances in 6 days, including 9 performances from 7 countries and 2 from Turkey besides 3 Medrese productions. There will also be short monodrama performances and 2 mini workshops open to all festival residents of Medrese.

Please note that all the performances in non-Turkish languages will have Turkish surtitles and all the Turkish ones will have English surtitles.

What distinguishes MonoFest from similar festivals all around the world and Turkey is that MonoFest provides the performers and the audience with the opportunity to spend time together throughout the festival. You can meet at the breakfast with the performer you have seen on the stage in the evening before. You can have a talk with the actors and the audience on the performances you have seen while you are sitting on the courtyard under the stars.

We invite you to experience such an amazing 6-day theatre event. We also welcome those who could stay shorter than 6 days or those who would come only for a single performance.

We just suggest you to book your seat in advance if you want to join us.

Hope to see you at the courtyard!

Wednesday – August 30, 2017

  • 21:00 – Shall We Dance?
  • 23:00 – Doğu Can Stand-up Show

Thursday – August 31, 2017

  • 15:00 – Short Monodrama “Small”
  • 19:00 – A Piece of Monologue
  • 21:00 – Diary of a Madman

Friday – September 1, 2017

  • 15:00 – Mini-workshop: Voice and Movement Maqam
  • 19:00 – A Life in My Bag
  • 21:00 – Everything on the Table
  • 23:00 – Sacrifice

Saturday – September 2, 2017

  • 15:00 – Short Workshop: Butoh
  • 19:00 – Sar
  • 21:00 – Why I Killed My Mother?
  • 23:00 – Extra Terra

Sunday – September 3, 2017

  • 15:00 – Closet Short Monodramas
  • 19:00 – Butoh Medea
  • 21:00 – L’heure Fugitive
  • 23:00 – Concert

Monday – September 4, 2017

  • 17:00 – Dear Shameless Death-Dirmit
  • 19:00 – Cold Nights of Childhood

MonoFest’17 promises an intensive experience of theatre with 15 performances in 6 days, including 10 performances from 8 countries and 2 from Turkey besides 3 Medrese productions. There will also be short monodrama performances and 2 mini workshops open to all festival residents of Medrese.

We hope to host you at Medrese all throughout the festival. You can see all the performances without paying extra fees, you can participate in mini workshops, you can join conversations starting after the performances and you can find the chance to meet all the performers and the audience.

If your schedule is too busy to join us for the whole festival, you are welcome to witness the festival atmosphere for 1 or 2 nights. Just follow the below link to complete your application. (Those who complete their registration before 10th of August will have %10 discount.)

We also welcome those who do not prefer to stay at Medrese but rather just want to come and see the performances. You can buy tickets on the performance day.

We hope to see you at MonoFest’17

Before August 10, 2017

1 Night 2 Nights 3 Nights 4 Nights 5 Nights 6 Nights
Your Tent 189 ₺ 311 ₺ 414 ₺ 513 ₺ 590 ₺ 644 ₺
Tent of Medrese 252 ₺ 369 ₺ 473 ₺ 563 ₺ 653 ₺ 716 ₺
Rooms for 16,8,6 Person 302 ₺ 428 ₺ 531 ₺ 635 ₺ 716 ₺ 788 ₺
Quad Room 356 ₺ 527 ₺ 644 ₺ 743 ₺ 842 ₺ 923 ₺
Double Room with toilet / bath 419 ₺ 635 ₺ 806 ₺ 932 ₺ 1.040 ₺ 1.148 ₺
Single Room with toilet / bath 500 ₺ 779 ₺ 977 ₺ 1.085 ₺ 1.193 ₺ 1.337 ₺

Accommodation, food and ticket fees are included.

After August 10, 2017

1 Night 2 Nights 3 Nights 4 Nights 5 Nights 6 Nights
Your Tent 210 ₺ 345 ₺ 460 ₺ 570 ₺ 655 ₺ 715 ₺
Tent of Medrese 280 ₺ 410 ₺ 525 ₺ 625 ₺ 725 ₺ 795 ₺
Rooms for 16,8,6 Person 335 ₺ 475 ₺ 590 ₺ 705 ₺ 795 ₺ 875 ₺
Quad Room 395 ₺ 585 ₺ 715 ₺ 825 ₺ 935 ₺ 1.025 ₺
Double Room with toilet / bath 465 ₺ 705 ₺ 895 ₺ 1.035 ₺ 1.155 ₺ 1.275 ₺
Single Room with toilet / bath 555 ₺ 865 ₺ 1.085 ₺ 1.205 ₺ 1.325 ₺ 1.485 ₺

Accommodation, food and ticket fees are included.

We place our guests in their rooms in the order of booking dates. If the room you prefer is already full we’ll get in touch with you about that.

Single Performance Price

Full Fare: 35₺
Student: 25₺

Prices in this page will be otomatically converted to Euro when you’re apply.

Art Director: Celal Mordeniz
Coordinator: Nesrin Uçarlar
Accommodation Coordinator: Erdem Şenocak
Technical Chief: Doğu Can
Technical Crew: Ruhat İlhan, Osman Onur Can, M. Ali Dönmez
Photograph and Video: Yasin Almaz